Rave Reviews


"We certainly appreciate your effort to get us the jackets on time! We are looking forward to continuing to use your company as the provider for our team jackets and hope to expand with a larger line of available items for our next year.  You have been wonderful to work with and the products from Triple Flip are of a superior quality. Thank you for your efforts.  They are much appreciated!"

Michelle ~ Pule AllStar Cheer 


"The jackets look great, love the pink zipper pull. I’ll be handing them out to the rest of the club next week, but my daughter loved hers and was thrilled at how warm the Podium jacket was on the ice tonight."

Victoria ~ Crowfoot Skating Club


"I got the garments yesterday… and they are absolutely stunning!! Thank you so much for the speedy response on this,  it’s really appreciated. I’m looking forward to working with you again next year, as we add new members to our club. Although we had a bit of a hiccup, I’m really impressed with the service and the quality of your products."

Suzanne ~ Aquatica Synchro


"Wow that was super fast! Thanks so much, I am looking forward to receiving the zipper pulls! Thanks for all you help with our order, you were great to work with."

Megan ~ IGR


"The parents will be so excited. On behalf of our club, we thank you for all your assistance with our order!"

Cheryl ~ Skate Winnipeg


"At the competition this past weekend, the kids from our school's in Saskatchewan and BC LOVED the teamwear.  I think we will be expanding our order next time."

Laurie ~ Blakey School of Irish Dance


"Thank you for the Great service!!! We have a soccer tournament in Regina this weekend, so the girls will look sharp in their team jackets."

Fred ~ Shock Soccer


"I'd like to thank you so much for getting us our order so quickly. The track suits look fantastic! We are so happy we chose to go with Triple Flip, everything has gone flawless...and the girls look great in their new warm up suits!!!"

Teri ~ Milton Springers


"Thank you so much for the wonderful service relative to our jackets.  Picked up the jackets today...they look GREAT!!  Thanks again!"

D ~ Katts Gymnastics


"I wanted to let you know how much we LOVE the uniforms! It's hard to describe just how much we like them, but all the kids and parents are very, very pleased with how they turned out. Thank-you for working on this for us. I'll send you a picture when we take some group photos this weekend."

Jane ~ Skip Time


"Thank you again for the tracksuits, really appreciate it.  We love love LOVE Triple Flip's quality and colors and would really like to stay with this company for our tracksuit... We really love your tracksuit quality and our kids love them as well."

Miss Ali ~ Summit School of Dance


“The jackets look fantastic!! Everyone is so pleased... seeing everyone look like a team is excellent. Little to big – girls to boys. Thank you for providing such a great product!

Tammy ~ Dance Innovations


“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for a very efficient teamwear year again at Danscott. The items were all ordered correctly, VERY well organized and efficiently packaged, great quality and I haven't heard of any complaints, only happy customers. You made my job easy! I look forward to working with you again next year.”

Karen ~ Danscott Studio


“My daughter loves your clothes, she is a competitive skater, as well she dances, does yoga, does gymnastics, among other sports and activities. The clothes really works well for her lifestyle, she lives in it.”

Karen ~ CanSkate Newfoundland


"The clothing worked out perfectly!!! They all LOVED it!!!! The shirts were great...thanks again for everything and your hard work!!!!"

Lisa ~ CanDance


"The girls look great in their suits and are so excited to wear everything this weekend."

Berrie ~ Revolution Gymnastics


"Just wanted to let you know that the zipper pulls arrived yesterday and they look great! Thank you so much for all of your assistance."

Jenny ~ BG's


"Our teamwear looks amazing!...Thanks again for all your amazing work!"

Shannon ~ Boundless Dance


"I got the zipper pulls today. They are exactly what we needed, everyone thought they were great! Thanks for making this transaction so smooth!!!"

Joelane ~ FLIPZ


“It has been a wonderful experience working with you and we will certainly pass the message. Thanks so much for all your efforts and hard work.”

TC ~ Altadore Gymnastics Club


“Thank you for your patience during all of this, I really appreciate your time, attention to detail and awesome service.”

Deb ~ International School of Ballet


“I received everything and we have had very positive feedback so far! Thank you very much for everything!”

Amanda ~ Grand Prairie Skating Club


“Just wanted to say, thanks for all the hard work with the tracksuits. Everything fit great and the girls are all so excited with them! Thanks again!!”

Carrie ~ Centre 58


“Just to let you know that all reviews have come in about our teamwear…….”WOW – those are awesome”!!”

Patti ~ Dance Sensations


“That is so great that they are ready and you have been so fantastic to work with. I bet the parents won’t be able to wait for Christmas!“

Melanie ~ Starcast Dance Academy


“Thanks again for all your help and the clothing really does look great!”

Angie ~  Calgary Elite Swim Club

competition never looked so good